Tom Andrus - Izzy's Dad

We asked our club’s director of operations for some extra training for our daughter and, delightfully, Coach Louie came well recommended. He met us at the field ten minutes early, set up quickly and then they got to work. Building up from very basic technical skills to more complex drills, Louie had her smiling within twenty minutes. She looks forward to her weekly trainings and so do my wife and I. It’s fun to watch! We’ve seen improvement within just a few weeks and plan on having Coach Louie throughout the season at least. Having the trainings ongoing until she hits college would be ideal. Our daughter gets more out of an hour with Coach Louie than a week of trainings at her club team.

Tristan Morse- Enzo's Dad

My son has been coached by Louie and his staff for the past few years and I can say without a doubt that he is among the best coaches in Oregon. Our son’s development as a player has been nothing short of amazing. Louie recognizes each player and focuses on what that player needs on an individual and a team level. He knows when to be strict and when to be encouraging. He understands the game at a very high level, but is still able to relate to the kids on their developmental level. We have seen our son grow as a player and a person and a teammate and we owe most of his growth to Louie.

Mike Weathers - Ella's Dad

Louie is top notch. He first coached my daughter and helped her excel to the next level. Now he continues to train her when time permits. His ability to take the entire player, evaluate him/her, then implement small adjustments or small skills to take it to the next level is top notch.  IMO, feedback is his best quality. As a parent, that has helped me understand where my child is as well. Highly recommend.

Bill Lopez, Nicole's Dad

Louie has been working with my daughter over the last couple of years. His training improved her passing, shot taking, and motion on the pitch. His attention to the student is his greatest strength, focusing on the skills that best benefit the student. He was and continues to be instrumental in her growth and taking her play to the next level.