Private training & Small Group soccer sessions


Small Group Training

Training with a friend or a Team-mate is a popular choice for players we work with.  At portland 1 to 1 we believe that direct competition can help make sessions more game-like and effective. Some players find they are more likely to work harder and get more out of the session. We train all genders, ability and ages and will design a session specifically for your needs. Small groups are limited to 4 players and all must train with the same ball size and be of similar ability in order to get the most out of each session. Training with a friend also makes the price of the session cheaper per player.

We can help you work on:

  • Improving your general technique
  • Awareness on and off the ball
  • Passing / Shooting / Dribbling / First Touch
  • Confidence & Body language
  • Positional play & Mental game
  • Fitness / Speed & agility / Balance / Coordination 
  • Weaker Foot / Heading / 1 on 1 defending & attacking

These sessions are designed to help develop each individual players full potential and maximise their play. No gimmick coaching, no obstacle course-like training. Pure game-related exercises specifically to develop the next generation of players!

It is your responsibility to find and organise the players you are training with.

***If you dont want that hassle we recommend our Technical Training Programs . Or after a 1 to 1 session it may be possible to pair you with another player of similar ability if both have requested for future sessions and bookings**